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Thank you to ALL our local partners for supporting the Lakeview Community Picnic 2016


  1. Long Branch Party Rental – 905-272-3164  – 2446 Cawthra Rd.
  2. The Lunch Box – 562 Lakeshore Rd East – Drop In plus catering
  3. Tim Hortons – 910 Lakeshore Road East
  4. Paradise Entertainment – 289-682-4333
  5. Domino’s Pizza-Cawthra and Lakeshore
  6. Lakeshore Dental – 905-278-2913 /611 Lakeshore Rd East
  7. Iwona Vineham – Re/Max – 416-998-1657
  8. David Piotrowski – Quickfast Heating & Air Conditioning – 416-629 -3213
  9. The Bagel House – wood oven bagels – 235 Lakeshore Rd East           
  10. Josy’s Fashion – 905 271 8055 – 722 Lakeshore Rd East
  11. Home Hardware – 1077 North Service Rd. Unit #6
  12. Port Credit Midas – 160 Lakeshore Rd East
  13. Coral Coast-Custom swimwear – 728 Lakeshore Rd East
  14. RVDL Soccer Academy (admin@RVDLsoccer.com)   – 903-337-7660
  15. Home Hardware – 1077 North Service Rd. Unit #6
  16. Midas – 160 Lakeshore Rd East
  17. Coral Coast – custom swimwear – 728 Lakeshore Rd East
  18. Woodland Associates – Flyers
  19. Sal Calabretta – mortgage agent – 647-880-1145
  20. Andrew Blondon – Sutton Realty
  21. 4 Cats Art Studio – 193 Lakeshore Rd. E. – 905-274-2287
  22. Port Credit Gym – 479B Lakeshore Rd E. – 905-271-9700


  Community Groups

  1. Mississauga Majors Baseball Association
  2. Credit Valley Conservation (CVC)
  3. Lakeview Library
  4. Mississauga Senior Centre
  5. Inspiration Lakeview
  6. Jim Tovey – Municipal Councilor
  7. Charles Sousa MPP
  8. Sven Spengemann – MP
  9. Small Arms Society Garden Group 
  10. 1st Port Credit Sea Scouts (90 Anniversary)
  11. Army Navy and Air Force vet club – 765 3rd Street – 905-274-3821



Life on the Waterfront 2016

Welcome to the Lakeview Ratepayers Association


The Lakeview Ratepayers Association (LRA) is the municipally recognized resident’s association for the community of Lakeview in south east Mississauga.

Objective: To protect, promote and further the interests of the residents of Lakeview.

Boundaries: North to the QEW and south to the Lake; east to Dixie Rd plus east to Etobicoke Creek (south of the CN tracks only). West to Cawthra Rd., plus west to the Adamson Estate. North along Enola Rd and south of the CN tracks to Cawthra Rd.


Welcome to the Lakeview Ratepayer’s Association

Your LRA board is constituted as follows:

President – Mark Bruni
Vice President – Deborah Goss
Treasurer – Lin Mok
Secretary – Rea Lingo-Santaguida

Iwona Vineham
Pat Ferrell
David Piotrowski
Scott Kletke
Rob Gollanek
Tony Jasinski
John Outram

Lakeview is different that her two sisters Port Credit and Clarkson. Overlooked, overworked and sometimes maligned. Her name is ironic, as our valuable lake views have been long since denied to us.

Some in the media have called us NIMBYS because we fought off a big waterfront gas plant and supported our northern  and western neighbours in their fight against one. NIMBY?… We reject that term as it applies to our community. Today, Lakeview carries its weight; and then some.  Our water treatment plant processes 70 per cent of our region’s wastewater.  We also supply two-thirds of Peel’s drinking water and 40 per cent of York Region’s, earning Peel Region millions of dollars in revenue. I don’t know of any other historical community in Mississauga that has fought so hard and for so long for smart development and Smart Growth. We support the city in its fight for smart planning and the primacy of municipal planning over uncontrolled OMB appeals.

Do our critics really understand that the development of the Lakeview lands can change the very essence of this whole city?  Inspiration Lakeview could and should be the most dynamic urban project in Canada, and in in North America.  As far as we know, it’s the first time that a city has had the control over how such a project of this scope and vision can look and feel. It is a unique opportunity to build a new Lakeview. It would be a place to be proud of; a place to come home to. A place… to call home. Finally we may be getting our lakeviews back. Soon we could be the envy of the entire region. But only if we stay focused as a community and make every effort to promote our wishes to our elected representatives.

The Lakeview residents don’t want to see a Condo Alley built on the Lakeshore Road, as we see on the Lakeshore in Mimico at the Humber River. We want graduated appropriate development off the Lakeshore  – development that celebrates the land, the sky, and the water.  We’re not anti-development.  We are pro smart growth, and we are proponents of a more visionary style planning policy.

If, together we show some political will, anything’s possible. These Lakeview development proposals are coming fast and furious… we know it’s coming… we’ve worked for it…we’re on  your side… Inspiration Lakeview… let’s keep it real and human scale, it’s the original.

Hold onto the dream!

The Legacy Project / Inspiration Lakeview

A future world-class vision of Lakeview that has been developed by its citizens and is receiving international recognition.  It’s a long term project that requires long term support from both the city and residents. The LRA will continue to support the principles and the planning developed by the community and known as the Lakeview Legacy Project. This community dream has guided Mississauga’s official policy through the concepts and the community consultation phase known as Inspiration Lakeview, which calls for Smart Growth and good sound urban planning. Lakeview is the only major community in Mississauga without an historical developmental core. The LRA will work to ensure that our new centre will be well planned and well located in the HEART of our community, so that we may all walk to it and enjoy the new businesses and services that are coming

There are many aspects to a complete vision of our redevelopment goals… 

Development-Infill / Street Character

Many of us love the traditional character of our community. As development comes, it MUST be respectful of our neighbourhoods.

We need to push the city to affect zoning changes so that we can protect our existing and traditional neighbourhoods which will be threatened by overdevelopment. We’ve see monster homes looming over traditional backyards without any seeming respect or consideration to the lives and to the property investments that we’ve all made. A prime piece of the Lakeview Legacy Project is to develop our industrial lands while protecting existing neighbourhoods. We need the planning department to respect that.

Cultural Development

We continue to actively support the conversion of the Small Arms Building to an Arts Centre. Bringing arts and culture to our community while conserving an important part of our heritage. Arts in our community brings respect and development dollars for quality projects and activities.


We must lobby our governments to make sure that the burden of our tax increases are heard at all government levels and monitoring how our tax dollars are being spent. Increasing property values mean increasing taxes, but many of the elderly residents on fixed incomes are being forced to reconsider their lives in Lakeview as their property values go up. Rising property values is both a good and a bad thing depending on your circumstances. It’s sad when a taxpayer who has spent their life developing and participating in their community feels financial pressure to leave their community as they get older or as financial complications make themselves all too real.


Improving the efficiency and access to public transit affects all aspects of our community life. Development means density and density means viable public transit service. Density is coming, so lets make sure that the public transit planning is as forward thinking as are the citizens of Lakeview

Water Treatment Plant

The region of Peel has promised to deal with the summer smalls from the sewer pipes on Lakeshore Rd. Help ensure that they do! There is a plan in place involving gas vacuums that should fix the problem, but I think we’re together in asserting that it is taking way too long. We have to lobby Peel region to make this an immediate priority or we won’t get far with our redevelopment dreams.

Public School Board

All of our junior public schools have now been closed. The local Gordon Graydon students have been moved to Cawthra. Gordon Graydon’s very existence is still in question. There are unspecified plans to sell the NC Matheson property for infill. Byngmount  Beach PS has been demolished. Where will we send our public board children? We need school board trustees who understand that they are in place by the will of the voters and who are seen to work hard on our behalf. If they don’t understand that then they must be made to do so.

Public School Board

All of our junior public schools have now been closed. The local Gordon Graydon students have been moved to Cawthra. Gordon Graydon’s very existence is still in question. There are unspecified plans to sell the NC Matheson property for infill. Byngmount  Beach PS has been demolished. Where will we send our public board children? We need school board trustees who understand that they are in place by the will of the voters and who are seen to work hard on our behalf. If they don’t understand that then they must be made to do so.

Lakeshore Road

The LRA is not against large scale development. We anticipate multiple and fantastic WORLD CLASS development opportunities in Lakeview.

However we have our eyes on Community Level Development and not only on single site specific proposals. Community level planning involves taking a closer look at the big picture and Smart Growth demands that all major development applications adhere to the larger development policy established by the municipality through years of community consultation and set forth in the Inspiration Lakeview guidelines.

We envision and we expect a level of cooperation from our community developers that dissuades them from bypassing good community referenced city planning policy and heading directly to the OMB while disregarding years of hard work by city staff and citizens.

We encourage development and density in Lakeview, but believe that the development should abide by the careful and community driven planning and visioning that has taken place over years of careful and unprecedented city, resident, and all levels of government cooperation.

The Lakeshore Road as a Complete Street policy as supported by the LRA, TOPCA, and other South Mississauga Ratepayer Associations posits that the best way for the three adjacent sister communities of Lakeview, Port Credit and Clarkson to grow and prosper in these challenging times and into our great future is for each community to have its own distinct and separate social and commercial centre or ‘node’.

Collectively, we envision a Main Street retail corridor connecting Clarkson and Port Credit in the west with Long Branch in the east. We envision a main street, not a highway connecting our communities. A human scale retail corridor. A corridor, not a canyon. We see the preservation of established residential neighbourhoods and the protection of their financial investments from block busting lot assemblage in inappropriately zoned areas. We envision a plan that protects our established retail neighbours and partners; that protects them from the financially eviscerating effects of massive big box community retail invasions.

Big Box Development

Community opposition must be maintained to support the city and it’s community-negotiated plan. This is our community and we should be proud of our ‘made in Lakeview’ vision which includes appropriate and well planned development. The city has recently approved zoning changes that will permit a big box development on our doorstep. This is contrary to the vision of a liveable and walkable main street retail corridor for Lakeview.


One of Lakeview’s greatest assets. Let’s bring the lake view back to Lakeview! A new waterfront park is coming soon if we all stay united in our support. We must lobby our elected reps at the City and at Peel Region. Speak with a member of the executive if your want to help but are unsure how to proceed.

They started with the Lakeview Ratepayer’s Association, the first ratepayer’s group in all of North America to win a bronze medal for urban design at a major design competition. Our residents are smart, engaged, politically active and willing to invest in their community and their homes. Please support us, together we can leave a read legacy for the grandkids.