October 17, 2017 – Lakeview Ratepayers: Annual General Meeting and local candidate’s debate – Mississauga Seniors Centre
1389 Cawthra Road
Mississauga, ON L5G 4L1

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Doors open at 6 pm; AGM starts at 6:30 PM; Local politicians speak at 7:30 followed by the local candidate’s debate. The event will wind up around 9:30.

3 candidates try to win your votes…


March 3, 2012 – COMMUNITY UPDATE
The Lakeshore Road Corridor as a Complete Street
An Unprecedented Community Collaboration in Two Parts

On March 3, 2012, the Lakeview Ratepayers Association (LRA) and the Town of Port Credit Association (TOPCA) hosted a summit-style meeting which brought together over 80 representatives from local residents’ associations, BIAs, non-profit community organizations, government agencies, City staff and local politicians for a day of pondering the potential of what is acknowledged to be the most strategic strip of lakefront real estate in Ontario – the Lakeshore Corridor, the Main Street which connects the communities of Clarkson, Port Credit and Lakeview.

Opening remarks by TOPCA and LRA representatives, presented to a packed Credit Room in the PC Arena, confirmed the objective of the Lakeshore Corridor Summit was not only to build on the ongoing work of the Lakeview Legacy Project, the VIVA Port Credit White Paper and the Clarkson Village Study, but to re-engage stakeholders during what is considered to be a crucial time for the area in terms of new and infill development. While all three historic communities are presently in different phases of re-establishing strong village cores, they share many common concerns, and through an unprecedented citizen-led initiative are now proposing to collaborate together.

The keynote presentation by Professor John Danahy, spoke to the need for more strategic intensification and the growing movement for complete streets which can accommodate all members of the community.

A number of themes emerged from the round table discussions including the need for a transparent and “made in Mississauga” municipal planning process to guide appropriate development all along the Corridor in concert with community collaboration. The importance of protecting established neighbourhoods, creating a walkable/bikeable environment, and enhancing the “green corridor” were also key themes.

An inventory of ideas will be compiled to inform a new Joint Framework Document which can then be used to attract and evaluate development proposals along the entire Lakeshore Corridor.

For the second part of the community collaboration, a Public Meeting will take place on Thursday, March 29, 2012 @ 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Mississauga (Cawthra) Seniors Centre in Lakeview. Residents and stakeholders of the Clarkson area, Port Credit and Lakeview are encouraged to attend to discuss and provide feedback on ideas raised at the March 3rd Lakeshore Summit. A resource panel of experts is planned, to help address public questions at the open microphone and local politicians will be available for comment.

To view a list of participants, summary of ideas and photographs taken at the Lakeshore Summit, on March 3rd please visit

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